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Best Wedding venues in Germany

Often, weddings have become proof that marriage has taken place in the current times. Wedding ceremonies have evolved from the common traditional ones happening back in the day. In the present times’ weddings have been regarded so highly and over time have become expensive. People want to have the best of weddings, and with this, they want the best of the venues and places where they can hold their wedding. Due to this, people worldwide have started investing in making splendid venues that attract couples who intend to do their weddings. Germany, known for its superb nature ranging from beautiful views to alluring sea, lovely–looking beaches, snug mountain wings, and discerning castles, makes it one of the best countries where one can hold a wedding. Nowadays, people who get married and move on to doing a wedding find each other from dating sites such as the Badoo app. During wedding days, people often get wedding clothes to match the occasion and apply perfumes to smell nice in the clothes. For reviews on the best perfumes to wear for such an occasion, visit parfumdreams. Below are some of the best castles to hold a wedding from in Bavaria, Germany;

1. Burg Hausen Castle.

Being part of Wittelsbach’s Bavarian castle, the incredible bigness of the Burg castle makes it one of the exceptional and best places where one can hold a wedding. Burg Hausen is confirmed as the metaphoric mansion globally by the Guinness Book of World Records and is famously known for hosting the Bavarian dukes. All this makes the Burg Hausen a fantastic and one of the best venues for a wedding in Germany. Two beautiful churches, namely Hedwigskapelle and Elisabethkapele, graced the castle and are used for holding the wedding ceremony, both with different capacities of 110 people and 100 people, respectively. For visitors, the Torwartstube is the perfect spot to hang out, holding up to 60 people.

2. Lauenstein castle.

Being the most northern castle in Bavaria, Lauenstein offers the best hilltop spot when holding a wedding due to its strategic position. Surrounded by extensive natural vegetation, this castle provides a relaxed and quiet environment for a wedding. It also contains impressive walkways, perfect for walking down the aisle. Germany being rich in art(painting) and interior design, mostly furniture, the Lauenstein castle underwent renovation after despairing in the 19th century. For couples that love historical monuments, such as weapons, amour, and accretion of hand-crafted instruments, the castle has a museum occupying not more than 20 rooms displaying all this.

3. Schloss Har burg.

Having great features such as a church vault chapel, the Schloss Harburg is one of Bavaria’s oldest and giant castles. Characterized by a round curtain wall, the castle offers one of the safe and excellent venues for holding a wedding. It also contains a romantic road which couples can use during the ceremony. Besides just being a venue, the castle offers a space for touring, such as night tours, musicals, and library tours. One can be able to know the castle’s history through an exhibition.

4. Imperial Castle of Nuremberg.

This imperial castle was an important palace for kings and emperors who were traveling. Estimated to be around 1000 years, the Imperial court musters of two, courts namely Burggrafenburg and Kaiserpfalz. Being fortified after becoming an independent imperial city, only special events such as wedding ceremonies occur there. It also contains a museum that explains why the castle is still existing and functioning. The vegetative nature surrounding the court and the rivers make the imperial castle of Nuremberg one of the best venues for a wedding ceremony.

5. Linderhof Palace.

Famously known for hosting the Crown Prince, the forest lodge located in Ammer Gau Alps underwent a renovation to be the present-day Linderhof palace and one of the most famous castles in Bavaria. It was the castle that Ludwig II, the then Crown Prince, lived to view completed. Being in German, the decoration of the interior was design was spectacular. The palace borrows most of its creation from the French courts and Sun King. If a couple chooses this castle as a wedding venue, they will be able to enjoy the view of decorated buildings fountains, to mention a few. It also has an artificial waterfall in an artificial cave with electric lighting. It’s also here that the pioneering power plant is present in Bavaria.

In conclusion, Germany and, to be precise, the Bavaria castles offer the best venues globally for holding weddings. Its richness in art, culture, nature, and above are some of the best platforms for your destination wedding.

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